Anonymous asked: Please do more videos !!! And also make a DIY video on how to do that shirt you just listed please! It looks so cool! Xxx

I will try to make more I promise! But as for the shirt I’m sorry I won’t be able to make one for multiple reasons (I don’t have another shirt to do it one and Idk how I’d be able to film it and all that jazz). But I’ll I did was buy a shirt from forever 21 and then draw what I wanted on it with a black sharpie

Anonymous asked: hi! so i'm going to a MUN (model united nations) thing in october and was wondering if you could help me with a bunch of outfits in the western business attire sense?:)) i would so appreciate that!

You have to dress kinda mature/business-y to these thing don’t you? I would probably go super simple and wear a black pencil skirt, white button down (to spice things up a but you could wear a short sleeve one and roll up the sleeves and button it up all the way. A if you wanted to wear heels id wear a pair of pointy toe black pumps (w/ thicker heel) and with a thick ankle strap

I haven’t made a new shirt in so long. I miss making them. Here’s one I literally just finished (it’s a little wonky but that makes it kinda fun)

#DIY  #shirt  


London Haul! - Topshop, Primark, Brandy Melville!

Please give it a watch.x

Anonymous asked: Those boots are just 😍 do you know if they deliver to the uk? And if it's not too personal how much were they? Thanks x

Yes I’m pretty sure thhw deliver there! They were more expensive than I would’ve hoped but I’ve wanted shoes like this for ages and these were actually a cheaper alternative to the original one so wanted. They were about $85 which is bad but then shipping costs really messed me up. Over all I paid about $110 for them

anythingispospisil asked: Those boots are great!

Thank you! I’m in love with them

Anonymous asked: Hi Nikki!! Where are from the glasses your are wearing in your Driving around blog?? They are really really cool! Love your blog x

They are from ray ban. Not sure of the exact name but you can easily find them on their website If you wanted to. Thank you!

Yaaaaay my shoes from lipstik randomly came today (I like how I made a post about it last night and then they come today). They’re called the eamon boot and I’m like obsessed with them

Anonymous asked: how would u style boyfriend jeans for school???

Im really not boyfriend jeans person. I like the a lot on other people but i just cant figure them out. I do like a good relax fit jean though (like 90s jeans kinda). so honestly i dont really know what i would wear. Maybe a white loose tshirt or something and black chunky sandals

Anonymous asked: Could u give me the link to 'Le-happy's blog cause I can't find her Thanks.xx

Here you go babe!

Anonymous asked: Where do you work?

I work at a mexican restaurant as a host/server assistant. I dont really want to say the name even though it is a chain restaurant and its not like youll be able to find my exact location just by saying what resturant i work at but whatever 

Anonymous asked: Hey Nikki, idk if you're busy or not, but if it's no trouble, could you make a set or a list or even link to an old set of things to pack for like autumn? I'm going to Mount Rushmore this weekend, and I have no idea what to bring. We're going hiking and other touristy stuff, and I want to look cute. Please help xx

Hey babe! Ill just lost stuff out if thats okay with you (polyvore sets are so irritating to me tbh)

-Jeans!- maybe 2 pairs (id do a black pair and a light wash pair)


-oversized flannels

-denim jacket

-high top converse

-doc martens

-plain loose tshirts

-maybe one dress just in case you need it and a pair of shoes to go with it


that really is about it since youll just be there for a weekend 

Anonymous asked: God i cannot understand why people look up to Kendall and Kylie Jenner. They're rich enough to materialize their fashion wet dreams but does that really make them icons?

Yeah im kinda with you on that one. I do think Kylie has a sense of cool personal style but kendall to me is someone who dresses well because they can afford it (no real style though). I think everyone loves them because theyre around our age, dress nice, and are somehow famous and their lives seem interesting. Idk i used to really like kylies style but now im just kinda over her tbh

Anonymous asked: Can you PLEASE do a quick makeup tutorial video today, i start school tomorrow and i love your makeup and id love to see a video :(

Im sorry babe i just dont really have time at the moment (id also have to take all my makeup off and do it again and that just sucks) but here is a link to a what I do and use:

Anonymous asked: What would you wear to an interview?

depends on where it is really. If its one for a parttime job kind of thing (like a restaurant or a store) then Id wear dark jeans, sandals, and a solid color button down, unless its a store that would want to see your style then dress in something you really like and feel confident in but that also matches the clothes in the store. When I applied where I work I wore a classier outfit than I’d normally where but it was black jeans, a white polo button down, army green contrast type jacket thingy and dark brown and black riding boots.