First day of school ootd
| jacket: thrifted | shirt: forever 21 | skirt: American Apparel | shoes: forever 21 | choker: etsy |

Anonymous asked: what is your first day of school outfit?

I posted an ootd. I’ll reblog it for you

Anonymous asked: advice on how to be happy?

Well it’s not really that simple. Being happy is a concoction of things but I know for a fact one of the biggest roles in your happiness is how you feel about yourself. You must love yourself and be confident in the person you are which I am not but I’ve gotten better at loving myself and I’ve seen a huge change in my happiness. Get rid of thing things in your life that don’t bring you happiness; it could be people or activities but just get rid of it. Do things that make you happy like listening to music (find music you love and that will make you feel proud of your music taste) and reading books (if you like reading that is. Read as many books as you can about anything and everything) make collages, paint, draw, dress in things that make YOU feel confident and don’t dress for anyone else. Don’t judge others. I have pretty much completely left my judgmental habits behind and it makes me feel so much better, I just feel lighter and happier, it has changed me way more than you’d think. Most importantly do not compare yourself to others. Everyone is different and you have to embrace your differences rather than view them negatively.

Anonymous asked: advice for making friends?

I’m terrible at making friends it’s unreal. My method is always look for the kid that doesn’t that’ve friends either or is slightly weird cause they will accept you. If you aren’t shy then just start talking to people. Really though I don’t really know how it all works like how do people even make new friends I’ve had the same friends for like my entire life

Anonymous asked: hey just wondering why did you cut all your hair off:)

Just for the heck of it. I love changing things up so haircuts are fun to me

Anonymous asked: All the poser girls at my school have started wearing tattoo chokers and halter tops. Sometimes I want to rip their faces off.

Girl I feel you. Just do you and try not to think about it cause. I know it’s seriously so freaking frustrating but there is really anything you can do to change it. Just wear it better than they do

Anonymous asked: Oh ok haha so I'm guessing your parents don't know about your blog either

Hahaha heck no that’d be so embarrassing

Anonymous asked: In your first day of school outfit do you know any store that sells the similar type shoes you are wearing?

I’m pretty sure boohoo, river island, public desire. Just google chunky strappy sandal and some should hopefully come up

Anonymous asked: Hey I need some ideas for school shoes, because of my uniform they have to be black with no heel (idk the height of the heel but I'm guessing like over an inch idk) and they can't be boots? Do you have any ideas? Also I live in the uk so I can't really access forever 21? Thank you so much x

Doc marten 1461s for sure (or a cheaper alternative/ look alike but sadly I don’t know of any but I know they do exist)

Anonymous asked: Do people at your school know about your blog?

Heeeeeeck no oh my god I would die if people found out like bless my friends that know about it and don’t tell everyone like hello I love you thank you so much. Id be mortified!!!

Anonymous asked: To that anon with creepers try looking at the blogger Le-Happy she normally wears creepers and her style is just 😍

Yes she always does! She’s defs an example of someone who looks good with creepers on

First day of school ootd
| jacket: thrifted | shirt: forever 21 | skirt: American Apparel | shoes: forever 21 | choker: etsy |

Anonymous asked: what is your dress code?

3 fingers for tank top and we can’t show under-garments and then it says no short skirts, dresses, or shorts but idk what that means I think it’s just if we aren’t showing the goods we’re fine

nevershoot---neverknow asked: I've been

I’m sorry I’m not sure what this is referring to

Anonymous asked: Do you know when people say you're perfect, but when someone who say maybe got like nose job or a boob job is criticized?

I’m sorry love I’m a but confused by what your saying/asking